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Yafa Newspapers Digitalized by Zajel Volunteers 

The newspapers released in Yafa between 1925 and 1939 have been digitalized by the volunteers of the Palestine Media Unit of the Zajel Youth Exchange Program; a Program based at the Public Relations Department of An-Najah National University. 

The Newspapers of Aldefa, Falastein, Aljamea Alislameyeh, Aljehad and Alyarmuk were digitalized in high resolution, large-sizes versions. Hundreds of issues were digitalized in order to preserve the story they chronicle. This initiative originated with Zajelís volunteers in the wake of what they have seen over the past four years: the daily and systematic destruction of Palestinians homes, shops, associations and heritage in total disregard for their importance to the heritage and legacy of the Palestinian people. 

The newspapers of Yafa were available in hard copy at the Nablus Municipality Library, but because of the clear and present danger of losing them through random attack normally befalling the city, the volunteers at Zajel attempted their best to preserve these symbols of our collective past. This legacy in its renovated form is priceless. Unique copies of the story of Palestine told by people who lived it are now available on seventeen CD ROM. These digital recordings will be made available to different Palestinian libraries. 

These newspapers should be viewed as one of the most important means of obtaining first hand information about the modern history of Palestine; the period between 1925 and 1939, when Palestine was threatened by Jewish migrants coming to Palestine from Europe. The dailies show daily Palestinian life of the period through social, political, economical and cultural lenses. 

One can learn about the Palestinian revolution against the British Mandate, the Six Months Strike of 1936, the unending Palestinian struggle for freedom and independence, as well as getting acquainted with the commercial activities of one of the most important cities of Palestine: Yafa.  

A presentation of this project was shown to local associations of the city of Nablus. These political organizations also included non-governmental organizations interested in this undertaking. The latter demonstrates a high national spirit on behalf of the volunteers at Zajel. As of this writing, they are working on different projects aimed at preserving the Palestinian heritage, its culture, oral history and legacy.

 A digital copy of these newspapers was gifted to the municipal library of Nablus and another one to the university library. Zajel considers this project as merely the first step of a grand effort aimed at converting all kinds of Palestinian documents into digital format; including Palestinian deeds to the lands of the 1948 refugees.

A Quick Journey into Palestinian Journalism

By Mujar Al-Bahri


 Newspaper archive

'Read all about it!' Falastin, Al Dafaa' and many other newspapers from Palestine's pre-1948 past.

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